Project type SmartPackage

Value £15,000

Firenso customer CEC Electrical

Equipment type SMS Honeywell

Device total Approx 200 devices

BMW Battersea

February 2016

New Fire Alarm System
BMW Park Lane chose to refurbish and extend their existing service site at nine elms Battersea. The existing fire alarm system was obsolete and unable to support the Visual Alarm devices required by EN54-23 and the project specification, hence a replacement SenTri system was chosen.Firenso were chosen by the electrical contractor CEC electrical Specialists to provide our unique M + E Smart Package. The electrical installer installed all of the cablings and second fixed all devices. We completed site inspections at key stages of the project to ensure everything ran smoothly prior to commissioning. Commissioning of the system went without a hitch due to the effort we put in early on in ensuring the system was installed correctly and all paperwork was issued correctly. Finally, the system was witness tested to the project consultant and demonstrated to the end client. Another project well delivered.