The greatest hazard of fire is not the flames, but the inhalation of toxic smoke and poisonous gasses. Smoke spreads surprisingly quick and can build up to completely cloud the area in a matter of seconds.

This is why it is important to have an efficient ventilation system in place, to keep all evacuation routes and exits clear of smoke. This also allows the fire brigade to enter and exit the building will sufficient visibility. Here at Firenso London, we have a range of natural smoke extraction systems, AOV (Automatic Opening Vents) and other components to supply and install. We will assess your building or property and advise you on which smoke extraction systems will be best suited to you in terms of safety and efficiency.

Natural smoke extraction systems are predominantly used in smaller properties such as residential buildings throughout London. Natural smoke extraction systems come in a range of different options, so you can purchase one that is most suitable for your property.

Natural smoke extraction systems, unlike mechanical extract systems, do not need electrical fans to work, they operate on the principle of buoyancy. Most natural extract systems will either consist of a simple AOV (automatic opening vent compliant with EN 12101) on an outside wall or a vent that opens into a smoke shaft with an outlet at the top of the shaft.

The natural buoyancy of the hot gasses causes them to rise either through the vent to the outside, or into the smoke shaft where the hot gasses rise up to the top level where they are finally expelled.

Unlike mechanical smoke extraction, the hot gasses are not pulled out from the premises so a supply of make-up air is not normally required.

Natural smoke extract systems are simpler to install and maintain than mechanical smoke extract systems or pressurisation systems, however, they can only be used in certain circumstances with limited corridor lengths, they also generally occupy a larger floor space of 1.5m sq internal area as opposed to the 0.6m sq generally required for the mechanical systems.

If you would like to know more about natural smoke extraction or any other form of smoke extraction, then please contact us here at Firenso London. We will be happy to discuss your needs and help you with any specific requirements. We can give you advice on which system you may require for your building or property, helping you choose the most efficient and safest option.