Mechanical smoke ventilation systems in London, are best suited to larger buildings
and structures. They are designed to utilise motorised vents which are installed
throughout the building or structure in order to pump smoke out of installed vents or
shafts and clear corridors and staircases of smoke. Mechanical smoke ventilation
systems generally operate by a mechanical extract shaft that serves the main corridors
and surrounding stairways. When smoke is detected within an area, the damper to the
smoke shaft situated on the same floor as the fire will open; all other dampers will
remain shut. The fan situated at the top of the mechanical smoke shaft, will extract the
smoke and prevent the spreading of smoke into nearby areas, providing safe escape
routes for occupants.

Mechanical smoke ventilation systems work by depressurisation. The system extracts
smoke and heat from an area and depressurises it. The surrounding areas, such as
corridors and staircases will have higher pressure and air will be appointed from these
areas towards the smoke shaft. This prevents smoke from flowing into the staircases
or surrounding areas. It is important to make sure you have a good supply of inlet air
for the system to avoid over-depressurisation; as this can cause damage to ventilation
equipment and create problems with escape routes. Ensuring that a substantial supply
inlet air for the system can be achieved in several different ways depending on the size
and layout of the building. Here at Firenso London, we can evaluate and discuss your
best options of air supply within your property or building. Over-depressurisation can
cause problems with the equipment and there may be a problem with opening doors
but there are solutions to depressurisation problems such as: pressure sensors, variable
fans and inward-opening doors.

Mechanical smoke ventilation systems can be more expensive to buy and install due
to the incorporation of fans, vents, dampers and a requirement for a secondary power
supply. The expense is balanced in the long run because of the improved efficiency
provided by the mechanical system. Other key benefits are; the opportunity to
maximise the amount of space available for sale and a wider range of design and
extension options for the property.

Firenso London, provides mechanical smoke ventilation systems for clients in
London. We work with clients to establish design, layouts, safety, installation and
maintenance. Our qualified and highly skilled engineers have worked out some
innovative projects throughout London, providing a range of smoke ventilation
systems to suit their needs, whilst keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. If you
have any questions or queries regarding Smoke Ventilation Systems then contact us
here at Firenso London, we will be happy to help.