The process of fire and smoke detection is one of the most confusing and difficult issues you may face. Understanding and practicing fire and life safety systems is an important factor for not only health and safety, but for protecting assets, property and reducing overall costs.

Here at Firenso London, we understand the difficult task of finding a suitable life safety system, which is efficient and meets legal requirements. Therefore, we can provide you with options for an integrated life safety system based on your requirements and goals.

Every individual fire safety system has a specific function, with a building that requires many different systems; monitoring and maintaining them can be tricky and confusing. Integrated life safety systems enhance overall safety and make it easier to manage through a single point of control. This combines multiple systems such as fire detection and alarms, communication points, AOV, car park extraction and power supply monitoring. The integration of life safety systems, allows you to identify and respond to problems more quickly and efficiently; whilst maximising the performance of the systems and providing your building with long term management.

Some of the most common systems which benefit from being integrated into a life safety system are:

  • Automatic Opening Vent Systems (AOVs)

AOVs are smoke ventilation systems which are mechanically operated by triggers from heat or smoke. When a fire is detected, the vents open and allow natural ventilation of smoke and air. By integrating them into a life safety system, you can merge them with automated windows and other sources of ventilation to optimise their full capacity. They can also be integrated into central heating systems to control how much heat or ventilation is needed in your building. This, combined with automated windows can lower you energy bills as the windows can be controlled to automatically close when the central heating is on, thus reducing heat loss and wasted energy.

  • Car Park Smoke Extraction Systems

There are many different types of car park smoke extraction systems,  depending on the size and layout of the car park. These can include mechanical smoke extraction systems such jet fans, vents and enhanced smoke clearance systems which remove pollutants such as gas and carbon monoxide. Integrating them into a life safety system gives you the ability to control the car park with other systems such as: alarms, connections to emergency services and systems which close and open doors, thus stopping people from entering the car park. This allows for you to quickly evacuate occupants and contain the fire within one place, without the need of several different actions around the building.

  • Power Supply Monitoring

The most common cause of fire and smoke alarm failure is problems with the power source. Having to test and inspect every source of  power can be very time consuming and leaves room for missed problems or errors. Having your power supply integrated into all of your fire safety systems means you can monitor and test for any faults in one place, giving you more detailed diagnostics and giving you the option to remotely view the status of your system.

An integrated life safety system can help to optimise the performance of your system and improve its functionality. You can manage and analyse every aspect of your whole system with detailed features such as mapped out floor plans, real time images and remote technology. With system integration you can manage multiple sites and floors from a single station whilst enhancing safety and reducing time and costs.

Integrated life safety systems can help you with  being an overall responsible property or building owner. With everyday increasing risks, threats and dangers; the advanced technology of an integrated system can help to identify these potential risks and provide crucial information to both building occupants and emergency services. With technology that is able to activate or lock escape routes, safety is vastly improved in both a fire and compromised security. Combining different systems into one, allows for better emergency communications with solutions such as emergency buttons, call stations, voice activated alarms and emergency speaker systems etc; thus enhancing communication abilities.

Here at Firenso London, we are a leading specialist of fire design solutions and the supply and installation of fire related products. We can help provide you with a total system solution for an integrated life safety system. From building management to fire alarm systems; we help to meet your needs, regulations and safety requirements.

If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Firenso London.