Fire Risk Assessment

Firenso offers a high-quality Fire Safety & Fire Risk Assessment services in Kent & London that meets the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order.

It is our firm belief that fire safety is the most important factor in building design and use, hence our slogan – “Putting Fire Safety First”

Our Fire Risk Assessment clients range from large corporate banks such as Santander to smaller residential developments and everything in between! We complete fire risk assessments using the UK’s premier cloud 15 online system, which provides simple easy to use and customer focused reports, ensuring easy access to compliance documents and the associated action plans. 12 key areas are assessed under the fire risk assessment, any actions resulting from the areas of assessment are recorded within the action plan.

The action plan then records a colour coded risk register of the actions, which can easily be marked as completed once the action has been corrected. Also included with our cloud 15 software is a fire logbook which is stored in the cloud, and can be configured to be accessed by all persons requiring access to the logbook.

Practical steps to complete compliance

Cloud 15 Action Plans are created to provide the most cost-effective solutions for any areas premises fails to comply with current legislation.
A  jargon-free report provides a summary of colour coded risks, listed in order of priority. Each risk has a detailed report covering:

  • why it is not compliant with fire regulations
  • what needs to be done
  • its location
  • who is responsible
  • when it needs to be completed

The Action Plan includes notes from the assessor, floor plans and photos, to show you exactly what and where the problem is.

Update of progress

Once the fire risk has been addressed, it can either be signed off as” The Action has completed”, or added as a status update to show that work is still in progress. If it’s completed, upload your own photos to show the result and it’s immediately removed from your Action Plan and sent to the Archive.

Your compliance audit trail

Once a remedial action that was recommended in the Action Plan has been completed and signed off, a simple click of the archive button and it is moved to the archive section.
This provides an audit trail of everything that has been achieved in making the premises safe from fire and legally compliant.  It also lowers the risk profile of the building on the executive summary page, and the risk rating continues to go down each time a remedial action is completed and archived.

Stored online, safe from fire and easily accessible

Fire legislation demands that every employer maintains a Fire Log Book to ensure that anything related to fire safety – fire incidents, fire equipment maintenance, activations of the fire alarm, practice drills and training etc. are recorded in one place.
With the Cloud 15 Fire Log Book, the records are kept secure by storing online, rather than the traditional paper version, which could be misplaced, lost or burnt in a fire. The same information is stored and can be instantly updated at any time. This ensures that the premises are fully compliant should the Fire Services request to see your Log Book – which they can do at any reasonable time!

​The Cloud 15 Log Book takes you through a step-by-step process which enables all the requirements of the fire risk assessment to be maintained online, to ensure complete compliance.

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