Fire alarms are designed to save lives and property, therefore it is vital to make you’re your fire alarm is working properly. Regular Maintenance and testing of your fire alarm is important to ensure that the system is working correctly in the event of a fire emergency. It is recommended to have your fire alarm inspected every 6 months, it is also a legal requirement under the BS5839.

It is important to ensure that all fire alarm systems within the building are fully operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Here at Firenso London, our qualified engineers carry out important inspections and maintenance of your fire alarms to ensure your system is in full working order.

Many people know that they ‘should’ have fire alarm Maintenance but they often forget about it or don’t realise the importance of having their fire alarms maintained.

Here are Some important reasons why you should keep your fire alarm running

  • To alert occupants of the building in the event of a fire and allow them to escape
    in good time, thus saving lives.
  • To prevent false alarms. False alarms account for a wide majority of call-outs
    for the London fire brigade. This incurs a big expense and waste of time and
    resources for emergency services, it also prevents other real emergencies
    getting the help they need; as the fire brigade is on the way or already on scene
    to the false alarm. Fire alarm maintenance will also save you money, as the fire
    brigade has now imposed charges for regular call outs to properties or buildings
    which have a high volume number of false alarms.
  • To save property and assets. In the event of a fire, a fire alarm can alert you in
    good time so you can call the fire brigade. The earlier you call, the quicker they
    will get to the building or property. After saving lives, they may be able to save
    some of your assets; and/or areas of the building from significant fire damage.

There are some typical problems with your fire alarm system which can cause false alarms, these include; the smoke detector heads becoming less sensitive, damaged wiring, weakened standby batteries in the control panels or faulty electrics.

Regular inspection and maintenance of your fire alarm will detect any faults in the system and potentially save lives. Maintenance of your fire alarm is equally as important as have them installed.

Here at Firenso London, we ensure your fire alarm is in tip-top condition and running efficiently. Whether you have an old or new system, our skilled engineers take time and care to inspect and service your system so it is fully operational and meets the legal requirements.

If you have any questions regarding fire alarm maintenance or would like one our engineers to inspect or service your system, then please contact the team here at Firenso London.